Why Is Commercial Analytics Important?

Every customer contact — made or missed — is a perishable opportunity. The pressure on commercial leaders has never been greater to ensure that the substantial investments made in Sales & Marketing are productive. The availability of enormous amounts of data from a seemingly infinite number of sources has not diminished the importance of the fundamentals. Ensure that your organization gets the fundamentals right.

What Do We Do?

Viscadia’s team of Principals, Consultants, and Analysts has extensive experience in creating focused, clear and strategically aligned execution plans.

Leveraging our corporate operational experience and the broad exposure of our consulting experience, we help you select the right customers and optimize the daily activities of your sales team (Targeting & Call Plans), create proper geographical deployment of your sales team (Alignment), and help ensure that the incentives of the sales team are supportive of corporate objectives (Incentive Compensation).

Targeting & Call Plans, Alignment and Incentive Compensation

What Sets Us Apart?

Corporate Experience: Viscadia’s Principals each have 20–25 years of life sciences experience, predominately in corporate commercial roles. We approach our partnerships with a deep appreciation for the challenges and pressures facing commercial leadership.

Commercial Analytics Expertise: Our team possesses the technical analytics capabilities and discipline to efficiently organize and harness large and disparate datasets to guide the creation and measurement of your commercial execution plans. Viscadia’s Commercial Analytics solutions are analytically driven, strategically informed and carefully designed to help ensure that your Sales Professionals understand the “what” and the “why” — and that your commercial leaders will buy in and confidently stand behind the organization’s execution plan.

Our Core Services

Viscadia understands that creating a focused, clear and strategically aligned execution plan is vital to growing your business and making the most of your Sales and Marketing investments. We leverage our technical and analytical data capabilities with our corporate operational experience to help senior leadership make informed resource optimization decisions:

  • Targeting & Call Plans: Our analytical approach to creating and refining target lists and call plans encompasses the technical integration of all data sources under the framework of established business rules. Clean and clear reporting allows commercial leadership to track and report sales execution vs. the call plan.
  • Alignment: We build alignment solutions using industry-leading analytical methodologies to help ensure effective deployment of your sales team based on market potential. Our approach is applicable for realignment, expansion or territory rationalization.
  • Incentive Compensation: Viscadia will design, build and administer an “IC” Plan that is integrated with the corporate forecast, motivational, fair, easily understood and financially responsible. We validate the draft plan with a simulation model and help support implementation of IC plans for a new launch or for on-market products, including ongoing tracking and reporting.

We help ensure that data and strategy work together to get the fundamentals right.

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Targeting & Call Plans




Incentive Compensation

Forecast product potential in targets

Select targets based on business rules

Establish reach, frequency and detail order

Commercial review and approval

Publish final Target List & Call Plans


Match business objectives with geographical considerations

Assign and optimize workloads

Generate roster, maps

Commercial review and approval

Publish final Alignment


Align IC Plan with commercial strategy

Create draft IC structure

Run simulations vs. historical data

Commercial review and approval

Publish final IC Plan

Plan Administration

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“The team at Viscadia has the technical and analytical expertise to handle complex data, and they truly understand commercial organizations. They quickly integrate the analytics with the strategy and communicate it clearly.”

– Senior Vice President,

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