Why Is Forecasting Important?

The forecast is the foundation on which crucial business planning decisions are based. It drives near-term organizational decisions such as promotional investments and production planning, while also supporting evaluation of longer-term strategic decisions including acquisition and pipeline candidates.

What Do We Do?

Viscadia’s team of experienced Principals, Consultants, and Analysts designs and builds custom forecast models.

For on-market products, our team quickly learns the drivers of your product’s performance through collaboration with cross-functional business leaders and intensive review of historical performance data. For additional insights to inform the forecast model, Viscadia can also conduct full-scope primary market research or leverage existing reports.

Forecasting Model Inputs and Stakeholders

What Sets Us Apart?

Corporate Experience: Viscadia’s Principals each have 20–25 years of life sciences experience, predominately in corporate commercial roles. We approach our partnerships with a deep appreciation for the challenges and pressures facing commercial leadership.

Viscadia ACE™ Forecast Platform: Viscadia believes that all forecasts should be comprehensive, dynamic, and clear. Our experienced and innovative team has created a unique platform that aggregates all modeling dimensions into three discrete drivers: Assumptions, Calibrations, and Events. We will design and build a Viscadia ACE™ Forecast Platform that is flexible, durable and useful in any situation — a high level executive overview or a rigorous and detailed budget planning session.

Our Core Services

Viscadia’s ACE™ Forecast Platform has evolved through diligent continuous improvement. We know that creating a comprehensive forecast model that delivers maximum utility requires multiple levels of expertise:

  • Technical: We efficiently manage disparate datasets and integrate advanced automation features that reduce both time and errors associated with data handling. We have eliminated the need for a standalone trend forecasting tool by designing a compact internal trend forecasting module.
  • Analytical: Viscadia has expertise in identifying and understanding how to calibrate for the inevitable variability in the quality of data that drives the forecast:
  • Complete/Perfect Data
  • Incomplete/Imperfect Data
  • Data Gaps/Blind Spots
  • Strategic: Our years of corporate experience strongly influence the design of every ACE™ Forecast Platform that we build. We anticipate strategic and “big picture” questions from the various stakeholders that have a vested interest in the forecast.
  • All forecast drivers are organized and delineated as either Assumptions, Calibrations or Events for ease of model setup, efficient review and discussion.
  • Comprehensive forecast summaries across scenarios and sensitivity analyses provide insights from different perspectives, including demand and financial metrics.
  • Our platform supports real-time scenario planning and “what-if” analyses by allowing the user to easily characterize, compare and contrast scenarios based on different variable inputs.

We offer ongoing support following the Design & Build stage of your platform:

Gear Charts Chess Knight

Forecast Model Support


Viscadia Analyst Support


Strategic Partner Support

Implementation support

Analyst training

Platform upgrades


Assign a dedicated Analyst to manage the process of data integration and forecast model updates

Perform weekly/monthly data updates

Model “what-if” scenarios

Create slides for management meetings


Assign a dedicated Principal, Consultant, and Analyst to manage the entire forecasting process

Help identify the KPIs that drive forecasted products

Work cross-functionally to ensure that all stakeholders have the correct forecast information for their functional area

Prepare and present Latest Estimate (LE) forecast updates on a monthly basis

“Viscadia helped us create forecast models which are more transparent and allow us greater insight into the key drivers of our business performance. The approach to updating models is more efficient, which has freed up my team to spend more time focusing on the key business issues and allowed us to have more meaningful conversations with our stakeholders.”

– Director,
Marketing Research
& Forecasting

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