On-Market Products

Pharmaceutical forecasting models for on-market pharma and biotech products must be designed to meet the needs of myriad stakeholders.

The forecast directly drives critical corporate and commercial decisions from manufacturing to financial planning to marketing investments – even to the establishment of sales objectives and incentive payouts.  Forecast accuracy is essential to instill confidence in management’s operational decisions and to support accurate performance analyses.  When sales deviate from the forecast, stakeholders need to know not just by how much – but why, and for how long – so they can adjust accordingly.

Viscadia’s models deliver accuracy superior to typical demand-based forecasts.  The result of decades of corporate experience and highly refined forecasting expertise, our pharmaceutical forecasting models are more-precise and built for directly driving business decisions. They are ideal for establishing the annual baseline budget and efficiently incorporating weekly and monthly updates into a Latest Estimate (LE) format – providing a ‘Plan vs. LE’ variance view throughout the year.

Designed to handle any distribution model, including retail, specialty pharmacy, specialty distributor or buy-and-bill, our approach also integrates timely channel inventory projections, expressed as days-on-hand or months-on-hand.  And we know that detailed demand and financial metrics are vital for management’s ongoing performance review and discussion, so we have designed our models with easy-to-use, automated graphical output capabilities that are always current with the latest data.  No more cutting and pasting charts and graphs for that last- minute management meeting.

There is too much at stake to leave your on-market product forecasts to chance, or assign them to individuals in your organization who may lack the support, expertise or bandwidth to dedicate to this vital process.