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Having access to reliable pharmaceutical and biotech forecasting is critical for effective business planning and execution across the enterprise.

But creating accurate, trustworthy forecasts is difficult.  Updating them to adequately account for changing scenarios and different markets is challenging and complex. Global pharmaceutical and biotech companies frequently operate with a U.S. forecast model that is not harmonized with models used by international affiliates.  As a result, communicating and defending forecasts to management and other stakeholders can be painful and frustrating.

There is a better approach: Turn to a specialist.

Viscadia is the leading professional services firm focused exclusively on pharmaceutical and biotech forecasting.  From acquisitions to pipeline candidates to on-market products, we present our domestic and global forecasts in a format that is clear and easily explainable to all stakeholders, instilling confidence and trust in the process. Our industry leading forecast models capably factor in the relevant risks and opportunities that will influence pharmaceutical and biotech product performance.  We thoroughly understand the important contribution of primary market research inputs to the forecast, and we can either coordinate the execution of primary research or seamlessly collaborate with your preferred research provider.  And our international presence allows us to provide clients with rapid access to expert problem solving and analysis, so you will always receive our forecasts on time — when you need them.

Viscadia’s pharmaceutical and biotech forecasting approach establishes a solid foundation for accurately projecting product performance in a comprehensive, dynamic and clear format, and our custom models can be easily adjusted to allow real-time scenario planning as the market landscape changes.  And we’re always available to help you incorporate these changes into your forecast model.

Isn’t it a good time to take a fresh look at your approach to this vital business process?