What We Do

Many pharma managers and executives dread the thought of developing, presenting, and explaining forecasts to their management teams.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.  In an era where margins for error are smaller than ever and the expectations for performance are higher than ever, Viscadia delivers the laser-sharp focus and deep experience of pharmaceutical forecasting specialists. Our industry-leading approach can mitigate the anxiety and pain associated with the process, and instill forecasting confidence.

Our comprehensive ACE® Forecast approach elegantly incorporates the detail and complexity required to ensure accuracy.  Clear and easily explained, our models transparently reveal the assumptions, calibrations and events that drive the forecast.  Capitalizing on our pharmaceutical corporate experience, we know that even the best pharmaceutical forecasting models will generate healthy debate.  Our dynamic models are thoughtfully designed to support real-time scenario planning and “what-if” analyses by allowing the user to easily characterize, compare and contrast scenarios based on variable inputs.

Working collaboratively with your internal stakeholders, we identify and assemble the most important variables and forecast drivers in a model that is comprehensive, dynamic and clear.  Once your custom model is built, Viscadia provides ongoing, expert support.  We’ll gladly help shepherd the forecast to other stakeholders within your organization – whether Sales, Managed Care, Manufacturing, or Investor Relations.  Importantly, our models are designed with scalable financial outputs to ensure seamless integration into internal Finance modeling.

In fact, after working with our team, many of our clients feel not just more confident, but optimistic and genuinely excited about presenting and explaining the forecast along with its underlying assumptions at the next senior management meeting.  We believe this explains why our repeat engagement rate is so high.