Business Development & Licensing

Pharma and biotech companies seeking growth through acquisitions or licensing need comprehensive, dynamic and clear forecasts to support credible valuations and deal negotiations, usually under tight timelines.

We know from experience that pharma and biotech business development executives are under pressure to support corporate growth strategy by identifying assets and closing deals quickly in a very competitive BD&L environment.

Viscadia’s professional pharma and biotech business development team designs and builds models with the speed required to inform and guide BD&L transactions. We significantly augment limited internal resources throughout the due diligence process, from a discerning evaluation of the seller’s data room to critical analyses of market research findings to ensuring that the true drivers of product performance have been identified, properly calibrated and incorporated into the forecast.

Viscadia inherently understands the importance of moving fast while also conducting a thorough and accurate assessment.  We know it may only be a matter of weeks before a decision is due – whether it be negotiating a fair price or walking away from a bad deal.  You can trust us to always deliver exactly what you need while staying ahead of your crucial timelines.

Isn’t it a good time to consider a new partner for your BD&L assessments?